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Mental Health Services

Appointments: (807) 223-7406 x 3113

Mental Health Professionals are trained to help you untangle the thought processes you may have got yourself into.  Some find it helpful to have an outside ear to help bring perspective and understanding to their situation.  Sometimes we can find ourselves in a place where we are unable to function in daily life because of the degree of emotional distress (anxiety and depression) that we are experiencing.  Our Mental Health Professionals are trained in a number of therapeutic modalities that you will find helpful for the following situations:

Our services are focused on individuals 16 yrs old+ (with age consideration for chronic disease and family issues.)    

  • Situational anxiety or depression

  • Life change adjustment issues including injury, job loss, relocation or relationship change, workplace stress, sleep concerns, care giving support, menopause etc. 

  • Issues related to chronic conditions including pain management 

  • Relationship and marriage counselling

  • Stress and relaxation

  • Emotional eating / Disordered eating 

If you are in need of immediate assistance, and need

to speak with someone, please contact:

Crisis Response Services at:  #1-866-888-8988

Child & Youth Mental Health (under the age of 18)

Outreach Worker:  Deandra Leroux

Phone:  (807) 216-0075

(Monday - Friday from 3:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.)

Laura Blair

Registered Psychotherapist

Hello, I'm Laura Blair!   

I graduated with my Honours Bachelor of Psychology through Lakehead University, and subsequently completed my Master's of Arts in Counselling Psychology through Yorkville University. I am now a Registered Psychotherapist providing mental health therapy with the Dryden Area Family Health Team, which is where I originally completed my placement during my Master's program. It was during that time I recognized the power of a Family Health Team in being able to provide a holistic approach in providing a circle of care for clients, and how well it was received by the people in our community. It's important to work together with the different professionals of the health care field to provide clients with an array of treatment options. I'm excited to be part of this circle of care with the  Family Health Team.


I was born and raised in Dryden, and have felt the ebbs and flows of community engagements, tragedies, and triumphs. I am happy to provide a safe and welcoming space for people to bring their struggles, and work together with a collaborative, client-centered approach to help you gain the tools you need to find some relief. We could all use a little help sometimes.


Connect with us so that we can support you and your mental health. 

Marla Miller

Registered Psychotherapist

My journey began in Dryden where I was born and raised with the boreal forest as my playground. I broadened my horizons and moved to Thailand where I lived and worked for 2 years after graduating from Dryden High School in 2000. Returning to Canada, I pursued my post secondary journey at the University of British Columbia and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Indigenous Studies in 2008. Ultimately, my path led back to beautiful NWO where I have grown roots and practiced as a mental health therapist for over 10 years.  I am grateful to have experience working in children's mental health, mental health and addictions, and individual and couples therapy. 


I have been a mental health therapist with the DRHC for 6 years and joined the Dryden Area Family Health Team in 2017. 


I am a Registered Psychotherapist and provide individual, couples, and family therapy at the Dryden Area Family Health Team. My goal is to help individuals connect to themselves on a deeper level and implement effective strategies to reduce symptoms of emotional distress.  Improved mental health and well-being extends to effective communication within interpersonal relationships, family and community strengthening a sense of place and meaning. 

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