Oncology Support Program

The Oncology Support Program is comprised of a specialized team of health care providers who will provide information regarding support services that are available during and post treatment.  The individual meets with providers of the team to gain an understanding of how their services could benefit them. 


The session includes a meeting with each of the following health care providers: 


Mental Health Service:  As part of a whole-person approach to cancer care, individuals can meet with a mental health counselor, to assist in alleviating the social, emotional, psychological distress and challenges associated with a cancer diagnosis. 

Registered Dietitian:  Maintaining good nutrition during cancer treatment is important.  The Registered Dietitian will review the individuals current intake pattern, weight history, and address questions and concerns related to diet. 

Physiotherapy:  Physiotherapists can work with the individual to develop and implement safe exercise program to assist in maintaining current function and quality of life.  

Contact your Physician, Nurse Practitioner, or staff in oncology for a referral to this program.  

Phyllis Bauldic

Registered Mental Health Therapist

Kerry Gagne

Registered Dietitian

Anne Donaldson 


(807) 223-7406

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