Wound Care / Nursing Procedures


The Dryden Area Family Health Team's Registered Practical Nurses provide  wound care at our facility. Our services are based on recommendations, follow-up, and teaching. Access to our wound care clinic is by referral, and physician's orders.  

We offer wound treatment of venous/arterial disease, compression treatment, pressure ulcers, post-op wound infections, wound care following an excision or punch biopsy, suture and staple removal following a procedure, as well as wound care education/teaching to our patients to support self-care and dressing changes at home as appropriate.  

Other services provided by our Registered Practical Nurses include: INR service, ear syringing, injections, immunizations, patient's vitals, height/weight measurements, blood pressure, as well as communication of test results and/or other medical information to patients.

Contact information:

If you have any questions, please contact us at:

(807) 223-7406 

Tammy, RPN ~ Ext. 4001

  • Dr. Moir

  • Dr. Cook 

Melissa, RPN ~ Ext. 4002

  • Dr. Wilson-Smith

  • Dr. Goulet

  • Dr. Barrie

Marcy, RPN - Ext 4003

  • Nurse Practitioners (Erin Lindsay & Megan Kroeker) 

  • Dr. Pettinger 

  • Dr. Bester

Rikky, RPN ~ Ext. 4004

  • Dr. Doiron

  • Dr. Viherjoki 

Registered Practical Nurse

Melissa, Sabko-Szachury

Registered Practical Nurse

Tammy Fuller
Marcy MacIsaac-Cutts

Registered Practical Nurse

Registered Practical Nurse

Rikky Apland

(807) 223-7406

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