Tammy is a Registered Practical Nurse. She graduated in 1996 and started working at DRHC as a floor nurse where she worked for several years. 


In 2007, Tammy started working with Dr. Cortens downtown as the hours worked well for her family. After a couple of years, she started at the Dryden Area Family Health Team as a clinic nurse. 

Tammy Fuller, RPN
Tammy Fuller

Registered Practical Nurse

Tammy Fuller

Registered Practical Nurse

Tammy Fuller, RPN

Wound Care / Nursing Procedures


The Dryden Area Family Health Team's Registered Practical Nurses provide  wound care at our facility. Our services are based on recommendations, follow-up, and teaching. Access to our wound care clinic is by referral, and physician's orders.  

We offer wound treatment of venous/arterial disease, compression treatment, pressure ulcers, post-op wound infections, wound care following an excision or punch biopsy, suture and staple removal following a procedure, as well as wound care education/teaching to our patients to support self-care and dressing changes at home as appropriate.  

Other services provided by our Registered Practical Nurses include: INR service, ear syringing, injections, immunizations, patient's vitals, height/weight measurements, blood pressure, as well as communication of test results and/or other medical information to patients.

Contact information:

If you have any questions, please contact us at:

(807) 223-6683 Ext. 4005

Tammy, RPN 

  • Dr. Moir

  • Dr. Cook 

  • Dr. Viherjoki 

Melissa, RPN 

  • Dr. Wilson-Smith

  • Dr. Goulet

  • Dr. Barrie

Marcy, RPN  

  • Nurse Practitioners (Erin Lindsay & Megan Kroeker) 

  • Dr. Pettinger 

  • Dr. Bester

Rikky, RPN 

  • Dr. Doiron

Clinical Testing:  Amy, RPN ~ (807)  223-7635

Registered Practical Nurse

Tammy Fuller

Registered Practical Nurse


Tammy Fuller, RPN
Marcy MacIsaac-Cutts

Registered Practical Nurse

Marcy is a Registered Practical Nurse.  She graduated from Confederation College, Thunder Bay in 2005. 


Marcy started her nursing career at DRHC in 2005 and moved over the the Dryden Area Family Health Team and Dingwall Clinic in 2006. 


Registered Practical Nurse


Melissa, Sabko-Szachury


Amy Woolfrey

Registered Practical Nurse

Registered Practical Nurse

Rikky is a Registered Practical Nurse.  She graduated in 2006 in The Pas Manitoba through a distance education program offered through Assiniboine Community College. 

In 2007, Rikky accepted a full-time RPN position with the Dryden Area Family Health Team working at the Dingwall Clinic. 


Rikky Apland